Deployment Tools

BundlTools offers a comprehensive toolkit to create an easier deployment process than traditional methods. We also provide customization options, enabling developers to fine-tune different contract parameters, such as buy/sell taxes, min/max transactions, blacklist functions and more for optimal contract performance. Utilizing multiple methods of processing including user based randomization and AI supported code generation, BundlTools allows developers to launch their tokens either with preset generated token codes, optionally customized token codes or completely custom token codes.

Using this trifold method, BundlTools can support developers regardless of their level of technical knowledge:

Preset Generated Options

BundlTools is outfitted with a set of live environment tested smart contracts that fit various needs of the developer. These codes are separated into four main categories.

  1. Basic Contract.

    a. A zero tax contract with no additional features.

  2. Regular Contracts

    a. Includes options for a liquidity and a marketing tax fee on buy and sell transactions.

  3. Reflection Contracts.

    a. Includes options for Liquidity, Marketing and Reflection Tax Fees.

  4. Burn Contracts.

    a. Includes options for Liquidity, Marketing and Burn Tax Fees.

Optional Customization

In addition to the four novice categories, BundlTools offers developers customization options to change features of the categorized contracts such as max wallet, max buy, blacklist functions, LP Burn, etc.

BundlTools gives semi-experienced developers the ability to put their own unique twist on the base contracts we offer through these options. BundlTools simplifies more advanced features while still allowing some customization by creating a unique contract that matches more directly with the project’s directives.

BundlTools also facilitates the deployment of pre-existing smart contracts. Developers can leverage established contracts, whether for building upon them or integrating them into new projects and fostering a collaborative environment where existing solutions can be utilized and improved upon. This approach encourages a more efficient development ecosystem, where reuse and refinement of contracts are simplified and more efficient. Furthermore, BundlTools ensures that the deployed contracts are optimized for performance, security, and scalability, aligning with current best practices in smart contract development.

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